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If you felt like you were just getting accustomed to using Pinterest to grow your business and market your offer when Idea Pins were introduced, you’re not alone! 

For as long as we could collectively remember, Pinterest was fairly straightforward: to market your product, blog, freebie, or service, you created a Pin. That Pin would live on in the Pinterest platform forever, and would always link directly to said product, blog, freebie, or service.

So what on earth are Idea Pins? 

Consider Idea Pins the “stories” of the Pinterest platform. Idea Pins offer a multi-page canvas to share your ideas – they last forever and help you to grow your Pinterest audience. 

Basically, Idea Pins allow you to share more of your thoughts, ideas, and offer within the Pinterest platform. Traditional Pins link directly to your website or landing page; the intention behind them is to always drive traffic away from your Pinterest profile, and to the platform of your choice. 

But Idea Pins? Idea Pins allow you to build a more engaged Pinterest community while sharing more educational, resourceful and insightful content within the platform. 

Some need-to-knows about Idea Pins

  1. Idea Pins do not offer a way to include a live link, meaning that your audience will not be able to click on your website from an Idea Pin. This was an intentional move on Pinterest’s part to help keep Pinners ON Pinterest. 

So, use your Idea Pins to summarize information about your services, work, or products. Share snippets from your blog or freebies, or give your audience a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of your work! 

Because Idea Pins do not link out to your website, you’ll want to use them to showcase your audience-building content. By using Idea Pins, you’ll be able to increase your profile views, as well as views of your traditional Pins!

  1. There’s no such thing as too many Idea Pins. In fact, we don’t recommend deleting old Idea Pins – they have the tendency to pick up traction weeks after they’re originally published. 

There you have it! Idea Pins are the way of Pinterest’s future, and they are a lot of fun to create. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do ✌️

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