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The 6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Strategies 6 Mistakes to Avoid with Pinterest Marketing
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In the last 6 weeks — I’ve worked with more than 75 different online businesses & bloggers with their Pinterest marketing strategy. I evaluated their current profile setup & provided them with actionable tips they could implement to improve their Pinterest account for better web traffic & increased click-throughs! 

I’m going to share 6 common mistakes I found business owners making with their Pinterest profile.

1. Not optimizing your for SEO

Your profile needs to optimized for SEO, so I recommend add in long tail keywords into your name, profile bio, board titles, board descriptions, and pin descriptions. It will optimize your profile to show up for those specific keywords in the search engine.

2. Not having a CTA in your bio

Your profile description is a great place for a CTA, so don’t miss out on this! It’s your opportunity to get someone to click to your webpage. It could be for a freebie, a discount, or some other offer, just make sure you have a CTA. Since you already have your website link as part of your profile, you can either make sure your CTA is to something on your homepage or provide a short link in your profile description.

3. Not pinning consistently

Pinterest strategy takes time, so let’s not neglect it! This is the Mac Daddy of all Pinterest mistakes. And honestly, it’s the easiest one to make. If you’re not putting in the time and effort to grow your Pinterest, you’re neglecting your Pinterest duties, and your traffic will be slow to improve. Success on Pinterest requires a daily commitment. Put in the work, and you WILL see the payoff.

4. Not separating personal boards

The next crucial part of optimizing your profile is going through and removing every single board that is not directly related to your specific niche. And instead of deleting your board entirely you could make it “hidden” instead. Just go and into a Board to edit it and change the visibility to secret. Or you can make a whole other personal Pinterest account and just put everything onto that account before you delete that board. It can be very confusing from the consumer standpoint when they view your profile if there are boards that are personal to you.

5. Not having a board dedicated with content

Make sure your own content board are listed on the top row. These boards are the first thing that anyone who takes a look at your account sees. The best thing to do is rearrange your boards and make sure your best and most important boards are on the top. Your hard work deserves to be a the top 😉

6. Not creating 3-4 different vertical 2:3 aspect designs

This is HUGE. Don’t miss this one! I recommend creating 3-4 different designs for each original piece of content you create. You are able to A:B test your pins to see what people might be engaging with the most. It also increases the amount of eyes balls on your work for increased web traffic. Switch up design elements, background colors, stock images, headlines and/or text placement. And that’s just one way you could tweak your pin strategy. 

PS: SAVE this post for future referencing 😉

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We are sharing the top 6 most common mistakes we find business owners making with their Pinterest profile.