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You’ve likely heard product-based brands sing Pinterest’s praises in the past – but what about using Pinterest as a service provider?

As a creative business, you are just as capable (if not more so) of using Pinterest to grow your business, and book new clients. All it takes is a bit of strategy, and a well-thought-out Pinterest marketing funnel. 

So, allow us to take you through a proven strategy that transforms Pinterest website traffic into client bookings.

We’ve broken things down into three steps: identifying the initial problem, creating the solution, and determining the right action items and next steps to take. Let’s get started!

The Problem

You might already be active on Pinterest, and you might even experience a healthy number of Pinterest profile views per month. But as you know, profile views alone don’t pay the bills, and you might be feeling the effects of a high Pinterest bounce rate, or an overall lack of qualified leads.

We love Pinterest because of its analytics-first approach to marketing. With Pinterest, there’s very little fluff or gray area – when used strategically, Pinterest will breed results and grow your business! The trick is in utilizing Pinterest as a lead funnel for the rest of your business, rather than approaching it as a one-and-done platform.

The Solution

There will be times where you see direct leads from Pinterest, and those are times to celebrate! However, as a creative business owner, you have to nurture and funnel your Pinterest leads through an alternate marketing platform. Personally, we’ve seen the best success through the combination of Pinterest and email marketing, or Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

Picture Pinterest at the top of your marketing funnel, where it serves as your discovery platform. Since Pinterest users are typically a cold audience, they need to be nurtured to develop the like, know, trust factors that will compel them to book with you! 

If you think about it, working 1:1 with someone creatively is a fairly personal thing. While yes, some people may feel confident about working with you from the moment they see your first pin, others may need just a bit of time to warm up to your content and strategic process.

The Action Items

So, where does that leave us? 

Well, we know that Pinterest increases bookings and qualified leads, when used correctly. We also know that the correct way to use Pinterest is to approach it as the discovery step of your marketing funnel. This leaves us with one super simple, yet highly strategic action item: pinning landing pages that include calls to action for your various marketing funnels.

As an example, you might choose to pin to a page that includes some kind of lead magnet, offer for a free discovery call, freebie opt-in, email list opt-in or digital download! Rather than linking directly to your contact page or list of services, this will help to lengthen the marketing pathway so that your Pinterest audience can build a relationship with you.

In order to convert your Pinterest website traffic into bookings, make sure you:

Do: Create a variety of pins that link to lead magnets like free offers, content, downloads or your email list.

Don’t: Link pins directly to your home page, contact page or services list.

By making this simple switch in your Pinterest approach, you’ll be able to create qualified leads, and book those dream clients and projects of yours. For more Pinterest marketing tips for creatives, make sure to join our email list!

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