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As a wedding photographer, you have a treasure trove of beautiful imagery to share with the world. So, it may surprise you to hear that Instagram is actually not the best place to share your wedding photography work – Pinterest is.

While, yes, Instagram provides the ability to post to a curated feed with lengthier captions, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to share as much of your work as you’d like, while optimizing it for SEO (search engine optimization), and driving click throughs to your email list or main website. 

Our goal today isn’t to dissuade you from using Instagram – we love using Instagram for our own business! However, we want to share 5 reasons why Pinterest is the absolute best platform to market your wedding photography business, book more clients, and expand your audience. 

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer

It’s a visual search engine.

Music to your ears, right? 

As a wedding photographer, it’s important to get your work seen and shared on a primarily visual platform. Enter: Pinterest.

Pinterest first presents itself as a platform for pretty pictures and graphics, but it packs a strategic punch. Think of Pinterest as a way to get all of the links out into the world that you want to sell and share, while using your own beautiful imagery to catch the eye of your ideal audience. 

Pins live forever (and ever).

The work you create and share today can live and perform forever on Pinterest. If we’re honest, this might be our favorite part about the platform.

After years of spending your time worrying about how to come up with new, fresh and exciting content for other social media platforms, it should come as a breath of fresh air to know that the time and energy you invest in Pinterest now will pay dividends in the future.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a one or two-year-old Pin pick up traction and popularity. Think of Pinterest as the platform where your work will be marketed both now, and in the future!

Pinterest can be used to create inspiration boards for your clients.

Because you’ll have already shared a ton of your work on Pinterest, it’ll be that much easier to put together inspiration boards with your clients! You’ll be able to share access to a private board, where you and your client can pin inspiration for color palettes, decor, settings and build out a detailed shot list. 

You can use Pinterest to educate your clients on your photography process.

If there’s ever a topic or subject that you want to make sure your clients are well versed in, it’s probably on Pinterest! 

You can use Pinterest to educate your clients on what to wear to their engagement session or how to feel comfortable while posing for photos, and to even share wedding planning tips. We’d recommend putting together a few boards for each of those subjects, so that all you’ll ever need to do is share those boards with your clients in the future. (Work smarter, not harder. Right?)

Pins link straight to your website.

Clearly, we saved the best for last. One of the most important facts about Pinterest is that every single pin links directly to your site. 

This means that you can share your beautiful photography via Pinterest, and know that every time your photos are pinned, your links are being shared, clicked and saved. Unlike alternate social media platforms that require you to give a call to action to click the link in your bio, each individual pin can link to whichever landing page you feel is most appropriate. 

Pinning links to your website also allows you to increase the amount of content you might have for each specific service, anytime you’d like. Are you planning a launch for a new service line or package, or is there a specific month where you’d like to increase bookings? No problem! Just increase the number of pins for those landing pages you want to promote. The limit, quite literally, does not exist.

Have we convinced you yet?

To be fair, we’re just a little bit Pinterest obsessed –  but hey, we love what we do! If you’re ready to grow your wedding photography business through a conversion-focused Pinterest strategy, we’d love to work with you.

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