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You might find yourself right in that sweet spot between “I need to master Pinterest for my business” and “I don’t have the time, capacity or wherewithal to learn how.” Believe us, even we were there at one point in time.

And because you’re at the evaluative stage of your business’ marketing and growth, you probably already know that Pinterest is the best way to grow your business, book more clients, and sell your digital or physical products. The issue for you isn’t in the why, it’s in the how and when – right?

Well, we’re fairly confident that through one of our three Pinterest packages, we’ll be able to support, teach and lead you through mastering the platform for your brand’s marketing strategy in 2022. 

So, whether you’re wanting to hand off your entire Pinterest strategy, or DIY things with our help and guidance, we’ve got you covered. Promise. 

3 Pinterest Packages to Consider for Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Setup

If you’re a solopreneur who has the tendency to do it all on your own, (and you prefer it that way) our Pinterest Setup service might be perfect for you!

We designed the Pinterest Setup service in an effort to help you get off the ground running, and on the right foot. In our one-time Pinterest Setup service, we’ll partner with you to identify your content pillars, clarify your offerings, create a cohesive Pinterest profile, and optimize everything for SEO (search engine optimization). 

We’d go so far as to argue that a successful Pinterest strategy is almost entirely defined by its beginnings. Ensuring that your Pinterest account  is optimized for SEO will help to boost your profile and website for Google and Pinterest search results, while also targeting the right audience. 

Our goal when performing a Pinterest Setup is to not only make sure your profile performs well analytically, but to also guarantee an enjoyable experience from the moment a user lands on your Pinterest profile.

What’s included in the Pinterest Setup package:

  • Pinterest Business Account Setup
  • Rich Pin Validation
  • SEO Optimized Profile & Boards
  • Website Domain Verification
  • Up to 15 New Curated Boards

Ready to let us set your Pinterest up for success? Click here to get the process started!

Pinterest Management

This one’s for our “I want to be totally hands off and have practically nothing to do with my Pinterest strategy, please and thanks” business owners. (We get it) The truth is that Pinterest isn’t a set it and forget it platform, so we always recommend our Pinterest Management package for clients who don’t have the time and energy to remain consistent with their Pinterest marketing.

With our Pinterest Management package, you’ll have our team on a monthly retainer to manage your Pinterest account, schedule content through Tailwind, write your pin titles and descriptions, and develop and fine-tune new strategies. We’ll also perform a ton of A/B testing to maximize your Pinterest strategy.

Oh, and it *might* be important to mention that we believe wholeheartedly in the power of promoted Pins. Because of that, our Pinterest Management package includes a monthly promoted ad campaign to help fast track the growth of your profile, and get your content seen by your ideal audience. 

What’s included in the Pinterest Management package:

  • 1 X 45 Minute Custom Strategy Session
  • Native Pin SEO Keyword Research and Optimization
  • 300 Strategic Pins Scheduled Per Month
  • 4 Story Pins or Story Variations
  • 1 Promoted Ad Campaign
  • Monthly Analytics Review of Key Statistics

Go ahead and hand off your Pinterest strategy to us – we’ve got you covered. Send us an inquiry!

Pinterest Power Hour

In our Pinterest Power Hour, we’ll spend 90 minutes teaching the exact Pinterest strategy we have used to help over 150+ creative businesses and service providers increase their brand awareness, website traffic and client bookings! 

We’ll basically allow you a peek into our very own brains, while also teaching you the strategies and methods we use so that you can master Pinterest the DIY way. 

What’s included in the Pinterest Power Hour Package:

  • 90-minute one-on-one strategy call to develop a custom marketing strategy for you
  • An in-depth brand questionnaire to help us develop your strategy
  • Over 125+ keywords specific to your niche/industry that will attract your audience & sustainably grow your business
  • Google Analytics dashboard template to help you track and measure your results

And during our 90-minute call, we’ll help you:

  • Audit your pre-existing account
  • Identify content pillars
  • Learn how to create captivating visuals
  • Learn what content typically performs well for your niche
  • Learn how to write compelling pin titles & pin descriptions
  • Learn a proper A/B testing strategy

Many of our clients opt for a Pinterest Setup, and a Pinterest Power Hour! By combining those two services, they’re given the fresh start and foundation they need for a healthy Pinterest strategy, plus they’ll be able to boost their own long-term Pinterest plan with our tips and secrets. 

Let’s book your Pinterest Power Hour! Click here to reach out.

No matter where you’re at in your business, we have a (Pinterest) solution for you. 

Because we believe that every business and brand needs to be on Pinterest – simple as that. Whether you opt for a completely hands-off Pinterest Management package or choose to go for it on your own with our help and guidance, we’re excited to see where Pinterest takes your business in 2022. 

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