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When you first decided to market your business on Pinterest, you likely experienced a whirlwind of emotions. First, there was the excitement of, “I can’t wait to master this platform!” Then, after a few minutes, you might have realized that there’s a lot to learn. 

And if you’re like many creative business owners, you probably don’t have limitless amounts of time to spend figuring out which platforms to use when creating and scheduling pins, or where to look to check on your Pinterest analytics. 

We believe in simplifying processes, whenever possible. While there are hundreds of platforms and tools to use for Pinterest, we’ve narrowed things down to three essential tools that everyone should use for their Pinterest marketing strategy – regardless of if they’ve been on the platform for a while, or are just starting out. 

Our 3 Favorite Pinterest Marketing Tools

Canva/Adobe Illustrator

We included both, because it really comes down to your level of comfort and personal preference! Both Canva and Adobe Illustrator will allow you to create and design pin variations for your blogs, services and products. 

The great thing is that once you finalize those initial pin templates in Canva or Illustrator, you can save and repurpose them with your various brand colors, fonts and photos! If you’re new to pinning and don’t have a design background, we recommend trying out Canva’s free version, first.


One of our favorite things about Pinterest is the fact that it’s a true “set it and forget it” platform. Unlike Instagram, you can schedule your Pinterest content to be posted when you aren’t even in the app, without hurting your engagement or views. 

We recommend using Tailwind to schedule your fresh pins and repins. Additionally, Tailwind will help you to ensure consistency with your pin scheduling, by allowing you to visually see and manage how many pins go out per day. 

Tailwind has simplified Pinterest so much, we recommend that each and every one of our clients sign up for Tailwind while working with us! So, just trust us and sign up for whatever Tailwind level you feel fits your needs best – you’ll be glad you did.  

Google Analytics

If you aren’t the most data-minded, that’s okay! Google Analytics is here to help.

Pinterest stands out for its data-first approach to content and marketing. Because of that, the best and only way to truly understand if your Pinterest strategy is working is to check on your Pinterest analytics. 

Now, Pinterest itself will tell you a bit of information about your overall views, most popular pins, and website click throughs. But Google Analytics will take a deeper dive into the overall performance of your Pinterest and website traffic, while making the data as simple and digestible as possible. 

And because we absolutely understand how daunting it can be to approach analytics when you’re first learning how to use Pinterest as a platform, we actually have a free Google Analytics Dashboard template for you to download! Through our one-page, done-for-you Google Analytics Dashboard template, we’ll teach you how to quickly analyze Pinterest stats, so you can tailor your Pinterest strategy accordingly.

Yes, it’s completely free – you’ll see it in your email inbox shortly! 

(Love that for you)

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