A Marketing Agency

(With Strategy + Soul)

(With Vision + Expertise)

A Marketing Agency

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A Marketing Agency

We're a marketing agency that partners with forward-thinking brands to elevate their Pinterest presence.

Pinterest is more than meets the eye! It's the worlds most powerful search engine for creative businesses. We develop marketing strategies that will attract target audiences, generate a buzz and ultimately increase sales.

To Stand Out in all the Noise, You Need 

Content that Resonates

At Wildroot Marketing, our work is equal parts strategy and creativity. We keep tabs on marketing trends but push beyond what’s trending.

In order to see qualified leads, increased website traffic, and more sales, you need an effective marketing strategy. Consistency is key. If you're tired of spinning wheels or you're not even sure where to start. Or how to keep it going....

WE can help with that.

What we do

Account Audit

Pinterest Setup

Campaign Strategy

Pinterest Management

Content Creation

meet the founder

Hello, I'm Miranda

A marketing strategist with a creative eye ready to grow your online creative business.

Miranda is the owner and lead marketing expert at Wildroot Marketing. Her approach is rooted in strategy and conversion metrics. She has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, fostering meaningful relationships, and helping other feel seen, heard, and validated. Not only in the digital space, but in the everyday too.


Pinterest Marketing                Intensive


We teach you everything we know and how to implement research-driven strategies to scale your business through the power of Pinterest. All within a day. If you're not quite ready to outsource marketing, but you need help building a strong foundation and developing custom growth strategy and knowledge to implement it, this is for you! 


30 Content Ideas for 
Brand & Web Designers

Over a months worth of content ideas to spark inspiration + new ideas for your blog, social media, and marketing. These ideas are geared to intentionally serve + connect you with potential clients.

Ready to achieve

sustainable growth?

Book a free discovery call and we’ll help you achieve real, long term growth with conversion-lead Pinterest marketing.